SEO: How this powerful tool can raise your website’s value and increase your bottom line

What is SEO, and why do I need it?

You can have the best product or service in the world, but it doesn’t matter if no one can find it. When most people look for a product or service today, they use a search engine such as Google or Bing to find it. SEO is the art of increasing your visibility on search engines so that potential customers have a better chance of finding your website.

You are likely not the only business in the world to offer the products or services that you do. This means that you compete with other businesses for ranking on search engines. A higher ranking means your website is shown before other businesses’ websites, which will increase traffic to your website, as more people click on it.

How do search engines rank websites?

Your ranking, or SEO score, will determine your place in search results, relative to other websites. The ranking is done automatically by algorithms, and exactly how the algorithms work is a business secret. However, we know that search engines value certain characteristics. The key characteristics a website is judged on are:

  • Content. Rich and interesting content will draw in users and help you rank higher on search results.
  • Structure. Content structured into sections using headlines and links is easy to understand for users and search engines alike.
  • Useability. This is essential. Your website must be easy to navigate on both desktop, tablet and mobile.
  • Speed. Slow loading websites are a huge turnoff and send users away faster than you can say Usain Bolt.
  • Backlinks. This is the number of links leading to your website. It is one of the more difficult factors to improve, but it can be done.

The good news is that these are all things we can work to improve. And always remember this: content is king! The first and most important step is to make an interesting and visually appealing website that people want to visit.

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How does Weblynx increase my SEO score?

Weblynx uses several advanced techniques to improve your website’s ranking on search engines. Some of these include:

  1. Register your website on Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools and submit sitemaps. This will help the search engines index your website’s pages and learn its structure.
  2. Optimize the structure of your website’s pages, including headings, subheadings, and URLs. This makes your website easy to index and categorize for search engines.
  3. Reorganize or rewrite the content of each page around a keyword or phrase that you wish to rank for. These are the keywords that potential customers will be searching for on Google or Bing.
  4. Optimize meta tags for each page, which are the short blurbs users see on the search results. How attractive and “click-worthy” these are will determine whether people visit your website.
  5. Complete alt text descriptions for all images. This will inform search engines what your images are about. It also helps people who are blind to understand what your images are showing.
  6. Optimize page loading speed. When page loading is slow, users often click away rather than wait. Every second lost is a potential sale lost. Search engines also use speed as a ranking factor.

What is your pricing for SEO optimization?

Because the workload depends on the size of your website, we offer a simple pricing structure, so you only pay for what you need:

  • Up to 5 pages optimized: $100.
  • Up to 10 pages optimized: $150.
  • Up to 20 pages optimized: $200.

Most websites are not over 20 pages, but should you have a large website, then please contact us for an offer. Remember that whenever you add new content to your website, you need to do SEO work again. If you often add new products, blogs, or articles, you might like to sign up for one of our maintenance plans.